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ISBN: 0976737108
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Selected by Writer's Digest Book Club and North Light Book Club

Whatever type of creative work you do – writing, painting, acting, dancing, composing, crafting, or inventing – Inspiring Creativity will transform your results. Written by 22 practicing creativity coaches, this anthology presents a fascinating array of thoughtful approaches, practical tips, and valuable insights to engage your mind and help you become a more productive, successful creator.

You’ll learn how to give yourself permission to create, find muses to arouse your imagination, develop big ideas and techniques to work deeply, and find time to live your creativity every day. You’ll receive the encouragement and support you need to honor yourself and face the challenges of the creative life.

Powerfully motivating, the 22 articles in Inspiring Creativity represent the collective wisdom of a diverse team of knowledgeable coaches who stand ready to guide you to your full creative potential.

"I highly recommend this book.... a valuable and practical treasury of inspiration for anyone passionate about creating."
Jeremy Tarcher,
publisher of The Artist's Way and Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain.

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